How a Narcissist defines…

Friendship and Friends.

Dictionary definition

Friendship: the state of being friends

Friends: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard

This is how Friendship was defined by our friends Lydia and Don (married Narcissistic Couple).  When Lydia and Don were moving from the town we lived in together to a place 8 hours away by car this what each of them said to us on one of last nights getting together for drinks.

Lydia: ‘It was nice to live in this Town, after you have lived her for a while you meet people that you can rely on.  We have people here that if we need something we can call them right away to get something done.  We will have to find those people in our new place.’

Don: ‘The move is a good thing for us.  After all, we have no emotional ties to anyone in this Town.’

On the walk back I was so sad from these comments.  At that time I hadn’t realized how Narcissistic they are.  But I was so hurt…it was like Lydia valued the fact that they could call us to babysit their kids anytime, we moved them to their new house (everything piece of furniture)…only what we did for them…and it was clear by what Don said…no emotional ties…they didn’t see us as friends…just people to serve them.

Even in what seems to be like normal conversation the Narcissist reveals themselves in such subtle ways.

T Reddy

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Karyl McBride, PhD, LMFT
Author of: Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Frenemies (narcissists) and mutual friends

How to handle the situation when you have mutual friends with a frenemy or narcissist?  That is a question I contemplated for a while before ending my relationship with a female narcissist, Marian (my friend, former co-worker).  I struggled with this question because there are a lot of consequences of ending a friendship with someone when you have mutual friends/acquaintances.  Then, the next question after ending the relationship is how do you deal with questions from the mutual friends.  The last question, what about the social events where everyone is invited…frenemies and all?

The reality of frenemies and narcs is that they will try their hardest to take your mutual friends and turn them against you.  They want the mutual friends on their side for several reasons:

  • mutual friends are a source of info about you and therefore a way to control you
  • it is a competition for them – “I have all the friends on my side!  I won!”
  • they want to punish you for leaving them or not giving them narc supply (stroke their ego)

All of this is daunting, scary…it was for me.  The idea that she would talk behind my back to mutual friends did not sit well with me…especially since we worked for the same company.  Marian has a gift of spinning the smallest piece of info and turning it to her advantage (manipulation of facts).  Then I noticed she was doing this even while we were friends.  She was already talking behind my back (at work to colleagues, managers) and to our mutual friends.  Even though I was her friend she was doing this.  She had been doing this for a while…the only difference is: I found out about it.  So, the consequence of your frenemy or narc talking behind your back is not a consequence anymore because it is already happening (even if you are not aware of it).  So ending your friendship doesn’t change this except that the frenemy or narc will try and take control of the situation: he or she will have to make it clear to the mutual friends that he or she decided to end it…not the other way around.

Then I realized something about myself…why was I concerned about her talking about my back.  She was lying and spinning information about me to everyone.  If our mutual friends believed her then that tells me something – that some of our mutual friends are not true friends of mine.  If I hear someone bad mouthing a friend of mine I don’t believe them especially if I know this friend well enough and that they are a person of integrity.  The same goes for your mutual friends.  If they believe your frenemy or narcissist then this particular mutual friend may not be worth being friends with.

The 2nd question: how do you deal with the mutual friends who have questions about why you are not longer in contact with your frenemy or any discussion about your frenemy?

True friends usually won’t push for any sort of explanation as to why you two are not talking any more.  True friends may initially ask out of concern but once they sense that you don’t want to talk about it then they will drop the subject.  You had your reasons and true friends will accept that fact you made the choice for your reasons.  I had a mutual friend ask in a very casual way if I had had contact with Marian…I simply said ‘I don’t have contact with her.’  That is the only explanation.  The mutual friend has dropped the subject.  A few months went by and our mutual friend brought up Marian’s name again…she told me that Marian was not returning her emails and was not making efforts to stay in contact.  Eventually, the frenemy’s true colors will show to the mutual friends.  Here’s what I’ve done with dealing with our mutual friends:

  • I don’t talk about Marian, ever.  Don’t talk behind your frenemy’s back – that puts you in the same category.
  • If someone asks about our relationship I state: I don’t have contact with her anymore.  It is a neutral response.  If you get pushed for a reason: ‘It is healthier for me not to be in contact with her.’  Make the statement about how you feel, not about her or blaming her.
  • If mutual friends continually pester you then you may have to evaluate your relationship with them.

The dreaded social event.  This is difficult.  After two months of ending my friendship with Marian a shopping trip to the city came up with the 3 of us.  It was awful for me…Marian was a total bTCH.  She sucked the energy out from me…all her insults and attacks.  I told myself I couldn’t do this to myself anymore.  I decided…okay no more outings with everyone.  BUT…there is a BUT…one of our mutual friends mentioned to me yesterday that she wanted to have a party at her house this time for her birthday.  That is the BUT.  Events that are about supporting your friends are important because it is about your friend and NOT about you and your dealings with your frenemy.  I will try to avoid the casual shopping trips with Marian but I will go to my friends birthday party (wedding, baby shower, etc) because those events are about my friends and not about Marian and ME.  I will just have to suck it up and be prepared to deal with her in those situations.

Whatever your dilemma is with your frenemy and your mutual friends I hope you get through it and find a way to surround yourself in Good Company.

T Reddy