A wonderful offline friend of mine who is also dealing with maternal narcissism, said this in an e-mail the other day:

N’s are like a disease. You work hard to rid your body (life) of it, but if you come into contact with other strains, your symptoms flair up. I need an anti-N-otic. 

I would so buy this antibiotic.

Hugs, TR


Report of Pupil Progress

I don’t have a lot of stuff from childhood.  My mother has repeatedly claimed to have thrown my stuff out and I tried to salvage what I could on my visits.  I do have a folder (with me here) that has records of my immunisations and old report cards from grade school to high school.

Here is my progress report when I was 7 years.


The teacher points out 2 things that struck me as interesting: I had difficulty working independently (without assistance) and oral communication.

So, if I translate this correctly I wait to do something until I am told (otherwise I would be in trouble) and I shouldn’t speak unless told to do so (otherwise I would be in trouble).  Yup, school was just like home.

This is my favourite part of the progress report:


“Your interest in your child’s progress in school is very important.  It will be of great help to him if each time you receive your child’s report card you go over each item very carefully with him.”

It is merely a suggestion?  It was surprising to read this now after all these years and after N.  I felt again the pain of how much my mother had dismissed me growing up.  Not just from not talking to me about any of report cards but also to making sure I was quiet and didn’t do anything until she told me to do so.  She wanted me to be quiet, sit still and do as told.  On that front, A+ all the way.

xxoo T