Cheers to Three!

Happy New Year to You!

Thank You so much for all the support going into the visit with my FOO and DH’s FOO.  I thought of your supportive words and I made it!  I will share the highlights of the visit in the next few posts.

It is already half way through the first month of the new year and I still have the sensations that the year is still brand new.  I finally get to celebrate the fact that the visit with my dysfunctional relationships is over!

The other thing that I get to celebrate when the year changes is the anniversary of this blog.  Three years!  It feels like a short time and yet so much has happened since I began the journey with all of you.  This past year was filled and I had fun getting to discover new blogs and having real conversations with many bloggers.  I continue to learn so much about a subject that encompasses a large part of our lives and yet does not define who we are.

As I look forward to this new year I take with me the kindest but yet hardest message to swallow, that I am enough even when I am making mistakes, even when I fail, even when I behave badly to a good friend, even when I am angry.  It makes my stomach cringe to even write this down but writing it down does help me pass through it.  It is why I am looking ahead to another year of being here – to read, listen and share.

Here’s to you all, here’s to 2014!

Love, TR

New Year

Happy New Year!  I wish you and your family enough.  Enough compassion, authenticity, resilience, gratitude, joy, intuition, calm, creativity, play, rest, laughter, music, dance and health.

I returned last week after a 3 week holiday visiting family and friends.   I am so looking forward to catching up with all the blogs that I read.  I am eager to get back to writing and share my experiences over the break and to celebrate 2 years of blogging!  

Here’s to making it a year of we are enough!

xxoo T