A Parent’s Love part 3

Here are 2 posts from an N female ‘friend’ of mine on Facebook.  She is the second wife of my boyfriend’s best friend.  I found out she was N and luckily saw the signs before getting into any kind of friendship with her.  Sammy is the step mother of her husband’s daughter from his first marriage.  She is 9 years old at the time of the posts.  She also has a  14 year son from a previous relationship.  The daughter goes back and forth between her mother and father/stepmother.

I can imagine it is not easy to be a step mother.  It offers different types of challenges.  It is hard to be a parent.  The questions I have when I read this are:

  • Why is that my emotional healthy friends (who are parents) don’t post crap like this on Facebook?
  • Does posting stuff like this serve in the best interest of the child or your’s?

Sammy writes this as her comment to the photo posted:

to all of the step moms who have to live through this one (because the children dont know how lucky they are until they too reach adult hood)….(and this time its funny!)

Sammy’s comment with this other post, the one below is from her friend sharing this photo:

Absolutely going to make a poster out of this to hang in my house when my kids are teenagers. Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!

This is OUTSTANDING!! I would expect all the parents I know to repost this! Love this!!!

What do you think of these posts?

A Parent’s Love part 2

In an earlier post, A Parent’s Love, I posted a news feed post from a friend on Facebook.  Just today, another one came through on Facebook from another parent.  Here it is:

Words can be used to create feeling…and at times words are used inappropriately.  In this case, I hope that the people who post and re-post do not believe this enough to behave in this manner.  I really hope so.

Posts like these create a tone that if you are a parent you are not to blame…the parent is doing the right thing …society should not attack the parent.  The child who speaks badly about his or her parents is not a responsible adult nor does not understand his or her parent’s love.  Any parent should hope and wish that their child finds tons of people who love and care for them just like parents do for children (unconditionally)…isn’t that what parents should hope for their children?