Narcissists on Facebook

Aaahhh…the era of social networking…with any advancement in society comes the good, the bad and the ugly.  And for narcissists on Facebook…well, that’s the ugly part.

Facebook is another channel for the narcissist to get their narc supply (attention from others), insult you (to feel better about themselves) and overall create the image (false image) of themselves.

Narcissists who use Facebook have some common behaviors (how the narcs behave that I have been connected to):

  • Status Posts: Almost always an attention seeking format (look at me for what I have got or look at me and feel bad for me that this has happened).  Either way they want the attention.  If you don’t respond appropriately forget getting a comment back from the narcissist.
  • Comments (they write to others):  When narcs make comments on someone’s photo or status it comes back to them, it usually is about them and not an actual comment on the photo or status that you wrote.
  • If the comment is not about them then it is a way to subtly put you down.  They are insulting you but it is disguised as a joke.  Example, ‘oh, you finally made it to the gym.’; ‘oh…you didn’t get lost this time.’
  • Self promoting activities: Joining a lot of groups that help them self promote on Facebook.  For example, one Narc kept joining different ‘save the animals’ group.  Well, this is self promotion because I saw her everyday and she didn’t do anything in her life for save the animals…it was only on Facebook.

A study was done on this very topic and highlighted some interesting findings about Narcissists and Facebook (click here for article).

Their overall use on Facebook is not to keep in touch with friends but yet another way to get the supply.  The good thing about Facebook is that you can Remove the narc from this medium or you can Hide posts from your News Feed page.  At least it is a temporary relief from the narc attacks that come through Facebook!