I discovered my new favourite word in October – Enough.  Anyway you use it, I love it!

I am enough.

That is enough.

It has 2 great meanings.  You are enough as you are.  And you have had enough – in the sense of limitations and boundaries.  Such a great word.  I hope to practice this word more and more.

I am guessing that the Ns in my life don’t find this word endearing at all.  Have you ever used the word Enough with an N?  What was their response to ‘I am enough‘ or ‘I’ve had enough’?

Here is a story I remembered about ‘I am enough.

Marian (co-worker, friend, N) and I used to work together in the same department and sat next to each other.  One day over the lunch pause she said to me ‘You should really try and improve your Power Point skills, that is a vital and important skill.’  I replied, ‘My skills in Power Point are good enough for this job.’  She reacted in such a way that was puzzling; she looked at me like I had said the worst thing and responded with ‘oh yeah, you think that.’  (her look and body language were priceless – she thought I was being arrogant) I didn’t say my skills are awesome or better than others.  I simply said they were enough for this job and they were.  I had other skills I needed to improve on and Power Point was not my focus nor did my supervisor think that they should be. 

I’m beginning to wonder if Enough is the antibody for attracting Ns and/or keeping the narcissists out of your life?

xx T

2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Yes, enough, thanks for bringing this up. I hadn’t thought about it from this perspective. Your story made me think of two other aspects of Narcissism: 1) they love telling people what to do (because it puts them in a superior position) and 2) their conversations are scripted, if you don’t give the answer they have lined up in their script they react to you in puzzling ways. Mainly because what they said is not what they’re really saying -if that makes any sense-. If she had really meant -at face value- what she said to you, when you replied with a perfectly logical answer her reaction would have been more like: “yes, fair point”. Because what she was really saying (in my view) is: “you should let me tell you what to do” she didn’t like the reply, because what she understood from your answer is that you were saying: “Sorry, no, I’m not letting you decide for myself”. Well, she wasn’t going to like that, was she? Ns hate it when people stand up to them, even in seemingly small ways such as your example.

    Kara xxoo


    • It is unbelievable how if you go ‘ad-lib’ and don’t follow the script you can get the strangest reactions. And standing up to them means we haven’t said what they wanted to hear.

      I’ve thought about other examples where I’ve said that – in particular about being an only child and my Ns have harped on the point. My response has been one of I’m fine with it and I’m okay with it – it was enough for me (I said that out of the fact that it wouldn’t have changed a thing with my NM) and they needed to harp on it until I caved in to their script. xxT



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