Since the last post…I have been in a slump…depressed and not understanding why I was going through this yet again.  I turned to my family here…fellow readers and bloggers…and visited many blogs: I borrow their words where mine fail me.

Kiki who described the feelings I had these past weeks:

Vicarious Rising who expresses the rawness of the word Trust:

A drawing that represents how I am feeling, it made me cry…but in a good way…it is an absolutely beautiful drawing…it, to me, makes sadness beautiful.  All emotions are beautiful…Thank you, Lisa.

To Kellie who has kept me positive and has a great resource (link below) and who is an author on this blog now!

A great blog added to the sidebar:

And to my language professor, Magali, who has made me laugh everyday…even with my American accent…has never made me feel bad about pronouncing French words badly…one of these days…it will get better…I will be able to say the word for UK in French…and it is a word I need to pronounce properly in relation to my job.  Thank you to her for her openness and her understanding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you



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