How did you find your way?

I was wondering how people found their way to identifying narcissism in their life.  I was googling a new topic about it regarding substitute friends when it took me to the blog that helped me find my way…Kathy Krajco’s blog…What Makes Narcissists Tick (RIP).  I realized that it was 2 years in September I started my journey for information about a female colleague / friend of mine.  I wondered how you had found the way to learning about N?  Kathy Krajco had mentioned in one of her posts that she had realized it from a Law & Order episode.

The journey is strength…it is the path to finding the truth…your truth.  It is such a powerful journey and still is today.  I learn from you, fellow readers and bloggers.  The path has been long but well worth…I look back 2 years ago and I am happy to have connected with you along the way.  I continue forward with you.  Thank you.


2 thoughts on “How did you find your way?

  1. Funny, it’s almost as if I’m learning the full extent of my issues, but thinking back on it, I started my journey out of the fog probably five or six years ago. I had been just scratching at the surface of the N’s behavior and how it related to me but I didn’t connect the pieces to my NM until about a year ago when I decided I’d had enough of her controlling ways. From that point, I was reading every article, just about every book, every blog and anything N-related. I guess all of my learning in the past was based on my and overcoming my anxieties. The lightbulb moment was freedom. For years, I wrestled with trying to understand and come to grips with my insecurities but when I learned that I was handed down a legacy, I was able to do the work to heal as well as shore up my boundaries against the soul suckers that pretty much ran my life through their selfish manipulation of me and my co-dependent tendencies.



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