The First Day of School

Today was the first day of school in many areas in the USA as well as in some countries in Europe.  It was so great to open my Facebook to find all the photos of my friends’ children on their way to their first day!  There were many kids with their full backpacks smiling so wide!

I am so happy that many parents I know are celebrating those moments and making it about their kids!  As I smiled scrolling down I came across Lydia’s post (NFF, NM of a 6 and 8 year old).  My smile soon faded…

Kids happily back to school. Now to repair the total devastation they created in the house during their 8 week break. Coffee first though!

The way someone writes on FB doesn’t indicate narcissism but my interactions with Lydia and her children indicate that she is an NM.  Her post is about her and I quote ‘the total devastation’ they caused!  While all the other parent’s are making the moment about their children she is making it about herself.  The comments she got on this post are about her…oh, Lydia, poor you…glad you have a break now that they are back…blah, blah.

Never once has Lydia ever posted photos of their first days…not that she should but her posts or photos are reflecting her and her image only…not about her kids.  Here is another from last year…same thing, saw wonderful comments from other parents and saw this one from Lydia.

Kids back to school today, and I’m not sure whether I’m happy or sad.

Again she posts about how she feels about it…a kids first day is about the child not about how the parent feels.  Nasty Lydia, You need to support them with whatever emotion they are going through.  How you feel at this moment does not come into play at this moment.  Make this day about them!  And all those N parents out there wonder why their adult children no longer want to contact them.  It is always about YOU!  I hope when you drink your coffee, Lydia, you wake up!


2 thoughts on “The First Day of School

  1. If Lydia’s kids are old enough to read her facebook profile to find this post, I bet those kids would be shocked, angry and disgusted. I feel sorry for those kids and can’t understand why she became a mum in the first place


    • Hi there, thank you for the comment. It is scary to think about them seeing her comments. Her son is 8 and her daughter 6…at an age where memory starts. I have been reading a lot about children with N parents and looking back on my own childhood. I remembered everything my mother said to other people about me. Facebook wasn’t around then but she would be on the phone and she thought I was playing and not able to hear her…but I heard what she said ‘behind’ my back. Children are not so naive…they can recognize the essentials even at a very young age. They can feel a hurtful comment before they can completely understand it.

      N people, from some readings, have children to get a constant source of N supply…attention, adoration, etc. They want mini-Me’s and that gives them a reason to procreate…too scary.

      T Reddy



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