A Psychological Assessment of an ACoN

Today, I received an email with my results from a job assessment center.  Jobs in some European countries require some sort of assessment via a 3rd party to determine if you are suitable for the job.  Depending on the function you can be tested on logical reasoning skills, math skills, behaviorial competencies, personality fit etc.

This particular assessment involved my behavioral competencies by psychologists.  And at the end of the assessment I received immediate feedback and I knew that the psychologists would not recommend me to the company for hiring.  Here is the assessment (names changed/removed):

Hi All,

Regretfully T Reddy was not successful at our assessment center last Friday:

T Reddy strengths:

      • Problem Solving
      • High IQ
      • Dealing with Ambiguity
      • Excellent listening skills
      • Eager for feedback
      • Overall very nice person

T Reddy development areas:

      • Command skills
      • Conflict mgt
      • Influencing skills
      • Insecure, lacks firmness*
      • Not able to be flexible in behaviour*
      • More junior than to be expected by her experience / age*

Based on the above findings we have given a negative advice on hiring T Reddy.


Talent Recruitment

I put an * next to the areas that were not discussed with me at the assessment center.  I understand that immediate feedback will not hit all the points but the psychologist wrote down some vague terms without explaining it to me and missed 3 points of discussion.  I have asked for detailed feedback overall to clarify.

I needed some time today to let it soak in.  I already knew the answer was a NO but I was surprised that the 3 comments were not discussed with me up front.  I feel upset not only because I missed this great opportunity but because I wondered what that meant going forward for me in my career.  A lot of things are jumbled in my head right now…about how to take this feedback and do something meaningful with it to Karyl McBride’s recovery program and getting through collapses’ like this.  And mostly I am hurt from the last remark about being too junior…as this jumped out as Adult Child of Narcissism.  I am stunted in my growth and that was apparent in how I approached situations at work which this would hinder me in achieving my career goals.

Although I have started the process to recovery I can see that it is really a long and painful road ahead.  To getting a job I really want to not continuing the legacy to my future children, the impact is transparent in all aspects of my life.

Thank you blog community for listening today and always.

T Reddy


2 thoughts on “A Psychological Assessment of an ACoN

  1. That sucks, but remember: those tests are totally bogus. I have many family members who work in HR and I’ve taken lots of those tests (when my family members were deciding whether to use them for their company) and I kind of know how they work. You could easily improve your psych-test-taking skills to do better next time, but that wouldn’t necessarily improve your actual on-the-job performance. To some extent the test has to “reveal” some weaknesses in order to appear valid, since no job candidate/human being is perfect.

    Don’t let the bogus assessment of some psychologists who don’t know you define your sense of self or your progress as an ACoN. We all have something to learn and areas where we could improve.


  2. Thank you. So true and thank you for reminding me! It was eye-opening and I take the feedback as it is…an assessment with limitations. Thank you for the support…the blogging community is terrific. T Reddy



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