A Parent’s Love

This came up on my news feed on Facebook today:

Parents think about their children day and night, even when they are grown. Parents love their children in a way that they will never understand. Parents will be there for their children when no one else will. Parents would take a bullet, stand in front of a train, and ask God to take them instead of their child. If you have a child or children that you love as much as I love mine, post this as your status.

Just wanted to share my thoughts when I read this post.  If a parent loves so much that a son or daughter can’t understand it – Isn’t that the beacon of N parents…screaming to their children…you don’t understand my love!  Wouldn’t we understand it if we saw and felt it?

In truth I never needed my parents to take a bullet for me or stand in front of a train.  I needed something else – unconditional love.


5 thoughts on “A Parent’s Love

  1. This is a very insightful comment. The phrase ‘you don’t understand how much I love you’ contrasts greatly with the much more humane phrase ‘you will never know how much I love you’. The first is a condemnation, the second is a compassionate reiteration of love.

    You are right, this is about the parent, not the child. A genuinely loving parent does not need to grandstand about it, in fact, if they are truly laying their life down for their child, they will be more likely to bolster their child’s facebook page instead of extolling the virtues of their own love for their child on their own page. Every sentence begins with ‘Parents’, not ‘children’, or ‘my child’.

    THe last phrase is very revealing ‘…post this as your status’ (?). Children become status symbols which reflect on the parent, rather than being viewed as a unique person who blesses the family with their presence.


  2. So true, Meg. Thanks for the comment. Emotionally healthy parents don’t make this grandstand. I know the parents of one of my good friends and it is such an amazing contrast. My friend says she is so lucky to have great supportive parents. She feels their love and their support..her parents don’t go around speaking like this about their children. Thank you for the insightful comment.


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