Overdose (A Legal Drug II)

Referring to the post, A Legal Drug, that discusses narcissistic supply, I am following up with my visit from Peggy.  Peggy, a schoolmate that is a frenemy, came to visit me a few weeks ago…and I stated that she needed her narc supply because I am currently unemployed…she needed to make herself feel better…well, for the first day I spent with her…all her comments were like this (and pretty much the second day):

  • ‘T Reddy, just think we wouldn’t be able to see each other on a weekday if you had a job.’
  • ‘So great we can go to the museum together, you were able to join us because you weren’t working.’
  • ‘Too bad your boyfriend couldn’t join us, well, he is working so he couldn’t.’
  • Peggy to my boyfriend, ‘It was so great that T Reddy could spend time with us yesterday, luckily she didn’t have to go to work’

Well, I think there is no more to say on this subject, she constantly reminded me that I am out of a job…she got her overdose of narcissistic supply.  My response was of no response.  Why would I respond to a frenemy, someone who is not interested in my well-being, no point in wasting your breath.  Ahhh…one of the few legal drugs available today…narc supply.

Moving on.



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