Pretty Woman’s huge mistake

I hope anyone reading this has seen the American romantic comedy title, Pretty Woman, with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.  There is one scene that is famous.  Julia Robert’s character goes back to a posh store where they first denied her service.  This time she is wearing very expensive clothes as opposed to the trashy outfit from the first time.  With the expensive clothes the sales people are fighting to serve her but she stops them and reminds them of the huge mistake they made yesterday when she was dressed in cheap clothing and they denied her service.  They could have had a big commission if they could see past the cheap clothing – a huge mistake.

I think of this movie at times when shopping in Belgium.  The high end, posh stores are just as snotty as what Julia Robert’s character experienced.  For this reason I don’t go into the posh shops where I live.

Upon telling Don (male NPD) that I don’t feel comfortable going into the posh shops because I don’t have the money to spend there plus their service is reserved for well dressed people – his response was priceless.  He simply said:

‘I get off on that, I live for that.  I love walking into the posh stores dressed in normal clothes and dropping 2000 euros just like that and they don’t expect it.  I really enjoy that.’

Of course, I was again left speechless.  I am not a person of zingers…I don’t have quick whit to respond to such a narcissistic thought.  In fact there are no words to go on about this episode with a narcissist.



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